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Ciao Guys!

Welcome to Cannoli Bar, Australia’s first cannolificio (dedicated cannoli shop) in a former 1950s milk bar.
Our vision is to bring a slice of Sicilian culture (and nostalgia) to Melbourne. Everything – including our shells, or scorza – are made on the premises using our family recipe. Our cannoli are filled on the spot, too. Shells are piped – generously – with more than 20 different fillings including the Sicilian classic cannolo alla ricotta, Oreo, Nutella and Ferrero Rocher. Stop by for other Sicilian treats too, such as almond biscuits and cassata siciliana, as well as a small selection of pizza and focaccia. 


A family Affair!

Our kitchen is a family affair.  The pastry chef behind it all,

my father Achille Mellini, has spent time in the kitchens of Grossi Florentino, Brunetti and Gradi Group. Born in 1966 in Catania, Italy, Achille is a descendant of three generations of pastry chefs. At two-years-old he migrated to Rome with his family and at thirteen began working at his uncle’s pasticceria Pasticceria Mellini, alongside his dad Carlo Mellini Snr. In 2000, we moved as a family to Australia, settling in Avondale Heights.


Before opening the doors to our rustic little cafe on July 7, 2018, Cannoli Bar operated as a wholesale kitchen at the back of the old milk bar – selling almond biscotti and cannoli to the local Italian community on Sundays. With growing popularity, we decided to open on a weekly basis as a dedicated cannoli shop and espresso bar. After some deliberation on the name, we landed on Cannoli Bar, reflective of a cannoli shop inside an old milk bar. Before long, people were queueing down the street for our traditional, and unique, cannoli flavours. We now produce close to 3000 cannoli a week. 


You’ll spot the two pasta machines – that were used to make the store’s first 2000 cannoli shells (and unfortunately broke, RIP) – on display in-store alongside other knick-knacks: caffettieras, empty wine bottles and the milk bar’s original “Pura Milk” sign. Visit us, with a pack of Italian cards in tow, we’d love to see you. 


From Sicily, with love. 

Carlo Mellini

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